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Coombe Lane, Wadhurst.
East Sussex. TN5 6NU

Coombe Farm
on 11 November 2020

COVID ready! As you can see, I have taken on board all the recommendations and have FREE hand sanitizer available! Please do bring gloves if you feel the need. All the trees are free range so unless a company of mink from Denmark have got in, they should be virus free. Gloves will also come in handy as the needles are sharp on some tree types.

planting a tree
on 01 June 2020

Maintaining our trees involves much more than just planting them. It requires full time maintenance to ensure they are healthy and well cared for, with glyphosate depicted here to keep any harmful weeds at bay. We are pleased to announce that we have a bumper crop on the way for this season, 2020. 

on 02 April 2020

As its been a really dry summer so far the weeds have been a little easier to control. Marsh Willow Herb and grass are the main problem. Glyphosate provides the answer… hope they don’t ban it!.