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Covid Precautions at Coombe Farm

on 11 November 2020
hand sanitiser at Coombe Farm

COVID ready! As you can see, I have taken on board all the recommendations and have FREE hand sanitizer available! Please do bring gloves if you feel the need. All the trees are free range so unless a company of mink from Denmark have got in, they should be virus free. Gloves will also come in handy as the needles are sharp on some tree types.








Man cave enhancements have taken place with the addition of a wood burner. This means that there is somewhere to dry off should we experience un-seasonal weather!

the 'man' cave

No advertising opportunities are missed! Here is a sign on the footpath telling people all about my trees, or should that be person?


In the distance there is a secondary plantation taking root all be it rather slowly as it appears barely visible!

The yellowing of the grass can only mean one thing…less field and more trees! Blue spruce to be precise going in soon. I can see “ecologist” appearing on my CV.