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Christmas Trees

Choosing a Tree

There are 3 ways to getting your Christmas Tree:

1. You roll up on the day, pick your tree, pay and take it away.

2. You roll up and reserve a tree, place a white tag (supplied) on it with your name. Tell us when you are coming to collect it or if you want it delivered locally (£5 fee). Pay for your tree.

3. You let us know via email what species of tree you want, the maximum height and width. We will endeavour to pick a suitable tree for you and deliver it locally (£5 fee) once you have paid for it. For us this is the least favourite way as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and that’s not us! We would obviously prefer to see you!

We are open from Saturday 14th November till Christmas Eve 2020 9am-4pm.
Directions and contact details are here >

All trees up to approx 9ft/ 2.7m will be supplied in net unless requested otherwise.

If you want a tree with roots then you are welcome to dig it up (bring a spade and strong bag for the roots). There is no extra charge but bear in mind that the roots will be covered in earth and it may not be possible to net the tree.

Any tree above 4ft / 1.2m is unlikely to survive when replanted unless a lot of TLC is applied!

Reserved trees will be cut and netted ready for collection or otherwise on the day stated when reserving.

If you want to reserve a tree then please contact us to arrange a date and time slot.


Getting the Best from your Tree

Once you have your tree the care process will determine just how long it lasts. Follow the advice and your tree will easily last into the new year.

If its frosty when you collect your tree then you will need to put it in a cool dry place overnight so that the tree slowly acclimatises to a change of temperature before being put inside your house. If you can stand it in some water then that’s a plus.

Once inside your house and in the correct room please remove the protective net carefully. The branches will slowly spring out, you can help them.

Place the trunk in a holder that takes water and keep this topped up daily, you will be surprised at how much water they use. Try and put the tree in the coolest part of the room and away from direct heat sources like an open fire.

If a cut tree has been left for a while then you need to cut a slice of the base of the trunk as a seal would have formed stopping any water from passing up the tree when placed in a holder.

If your tree starts to drop needles then this is its reaction to being put under stress. Trying to keep conditions inside your house as ideal for the tree as possible by following the above advice will go a long way towards making it last.



Our sustainability policy is quite simple. We only cut down the trees that are picked by customers visiting the farm and we replace the cut trees with saplings. Some home-grown saplings are also planted leading to further carbon reduction. It is our aim to eventually replace all trees with home-grown ones.