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Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce

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Best known as the “Traditional tree” the Norway spruce has slender needles and upwardly pointing branches as well as that Christmassy scent. The density of the branches results in a very full appearance. The Norway Spruce is suitable for all types of decorations due to its upward pointing branches.

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They are tall and straight and of a triangular appearance, with a pointed crown. The young bark is a coppery grey-brown and appears smooth, but is rough with papery scales. Mature trees (over 80 years old) have dark purple-brown bark, with cracks and small plates. Twigs are orange-brown, grooved and hairless.

Its needle-like leaves are square-shaped and pointed, with fine, white speckled lines and a rich, sweet smell.

For Christmas trees, the overall color of Norway spruce is excellent, but needle retention is best of the trees are cut fresh and kept properly watered.

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