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Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Fir

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Also known as the “Non Drop” the Nordmann Fir has soft wide needles and a more distinct layered appearance than other types of Christmas tree. This is due to the branches being flatter. As the needles are broader they carry more water and can withstand needle drop just that little bit better than other types.

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The Nordmann Fir tree, otherwise known as the ‘non-drop’ tree is by far the most popular tree in the UK. Every year it is the best selling real Christmas tree and for good reason - not only does the Nordmann Fir look fantastic with its bushy branches and even shape, but its longevity is second to none. With good care, it will last you all through the festive season and as it is considered a ‘non-drop’ tree, you won’t spend your life cleaning up needles. Read on to find out more about the Nordmann Fir and if it’s the right Christmas tree for you.

Note: these trees are best suited to lighter decorations as heavier decorations placed near the tips will bend the branches down and finish up on the floor.

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